Bad Clown Productions


We don’t like working. We’ve tried, and it just never worked for us.

We love playing. From hide and seek to shooting-shooting (a game we played when we were kids. Shoe box for camera, torches as lights, you get the drift). It’s amazing how creative one can get when the idea is just to have fun. Mind you, all the responsibility was still there. You still had to hide well. You absolutely had to get your perfect shot or the seven-year-old director was going to throw a seven-year old’s fit. We never wanted the games to end.

That’s where Bad Clown Productions comes from. It is a production house that makes commercials, digital content, music videos, corporate films, all of that. Yeah. But honestly, it’s a tree house. It’s the place where we meet, huddle and think of the most outrageous ideas (like what if one day, all the men and women in the world switched places!).

We work with some of the best professional talent around. But that doesn’t stop us from picking up a still camera and doing something like this!

Filmmaking isn’t work for Bad Clown. It’s the game we will never stop playing.

Welcome to the tree house.