About Me

I’m a 24 carat, pure, homegrown Bombayite.

The adventures began with me putting all the change in my pocket – and all of my sister’s savings – into a three minute version of an ambitious short film. This version won the Filmaka short film contest and helped me raise the resources for the 12 minute version, Uss Din. That film, starring Rajkumar Rao, was premiered at the United Nations Artivist Film Festival, and finally bagged a spot on the Times of India’s list of top ten short films made in India.

The next turn was directing ads, corporate films and music videos while writing on the side. In 2013, my corporate film for the German Orthopaedic Hospital won a total of five international awards from MARCOM, OMNI and INTERCOM.

In 2015 me and my gang formally consolidated ourselves into a production company, Bad Clown Productions. In the same year I wrote and directed my first web series ‘Man’s World’ with Yfilms. The 4 part series was produced in association with the United Nations Global Goals and Richard Curtis. In aggregate it garnered close to 7 million views.

No, I don’t have any friends in the United Nations.